About HealthEd

The Health Education (HealthEd) website houses a searchable catalogue of resources about key public health topics. The Health Promotion Agency and the Ministry of Health provide the resources described on this site to promote a better understanding of public health. Health professionals and members of the public are welcome to view and order these resources.


This website aims to improve, promote and protect the health of all New Zealanders. It helps you to make sound decisions about the steps you can take to maintain good health.

Public health concerns include nutrition, physical activity, immunisation, staying smoke free and many other topics.

Information in the resources is accurate and kept up to date.

Where to find other health advice and support

The HealthEd resources do not cover medical conditions. Phone Healthline 0800 611 116 for free 24-hour health advice within New Zealand or discuss your concerns with your GP or a health professional.

What we do

This site is a searchable catalogue of public health resources developed or approved by the Health Promotion Agency and the Ministry of Health.

For most resources, the site offers an HTML version for reading online (the information from the resource is shown on the web page) and a PDF file for download (the actual resource). This is not possible for all resources.

For most listed items, you can also place an order to have the printed resource delivered to you for keeping or sharing and to help inform others in your care.

Resources are regularly updated or revised to ensure that the information they contain is correct. Each resource is written and designed to be easily understood.

Many of the resources are also translated into te reo Māori and the various community languages of New Zealand.

The main resource formats are leaflets, pamphlets, booklets, posters, cards, postcards, books, stickers, small signs, videos/DVDs and kits. 

Use of macrons on this site

The Health Promotion Agency and the Ministry of Health support the correct use of the Māori language and in particular the Māori Language Commission guideline that macrons be used in Māori words where appropriate.

However, the ability to display macrons on our web site is limited by current technology and limited standardisation. Because of such technical constraints, the macrons which should appear in some Māori language words may either appear incorrectly, or not appear at all.

We apologise for any offence this may cause.

Technical requirements

This website has been built according to the New Zealand Web Guidelines and is viewable in YUI Grade A web browsers.

If you are having problems viewing or ordering from the site, try upgrading your browser (eg, Internet Explorer, Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari) to the latest version. Please contact HealthEd if you continue to have problems.

Please see our accessibility page for more information on how to use access keys and control text size.