We've made some changes to HealthEd

Sat, 29/06/2013 - 08:24

We've made some changes to HealthEd to make it easier for you to view and order resources.

These changes include:

  • making the 'My order" section more prominent 
  • combining the "Information for Staying Well" and "Health Resource Search" section together to form "Health Resources"
  • providing the option to toggle between a list or picture view of the resources in the "Health Resources" page - so you can see more resources on one page
  • giving you the ability to view a resource, download the PDF or order resources from the "Health Resources" page
  • placing the search fields in the same position on each page - on the top right and left side
  • for registered users, you can log in with your email address 
  • for registered users, the site will remember the last delivery address used for an order, so you don't have to re-type your details each time you place an order.

There will also be some more changes during next week relating mainly to the "News" and "What's Happening" sections of the site.  All of these changes have been made in response to user testing feedback.  There are some further enhancements being planned for the coming months and we will update you again when these are confirmed.

Thanks for your patience during this development work.  For questions or comments about the changes, please email us.