Refreshed HealthEd Website

Mon, 08/09/2014 - 09:02

We’ve made some changes

HealthEd has been made more user-friendly to provide a better web experience and service.

You can now access the site anywhere, anytime, across various mobile devices, eg, Smartphones, tablets, iPads.  

To ensure HealthEd is accessible to all New Zealanders, we’re now also providing a range of resources in New Zealand Sign Language (NZSL) for the Deaf community. These resources are a pilot to test the uptake for further evaluation.

Key improvements

The website enhancements make it easier to search and find resources, with simplified navigation and improved, more intuitive search functions (similar to Google search, with spelling corrections and recognition of key synonyms).

Ordering resources is simpler and we’ve introduced a ‘quick pick’ ordering tool (located under ‘My cart’). This allows those who frequently order resources to enter orders directly into their cart rather than having to search for them on the site.

We have also refreshed the design of the site by introducing new colours and updating the font styles to achieve a modern and clean look.

New Zealand Sign Language resources

The following resources have been translated into NZSL, to view them click here.

  • Ageing Well booklet
  • Immunising Your Children booklet
  • Time to Quit booklet
  • Breast screen Aoteoroa pamphlet
  • National Cervical Screening pamphlet
  • Getting Checked for Prostate Cancer pamphlet
  • Prostate Cancer: More information booklet
  • Body Piercing and Tattooing pamphlet

These resources were selected to provide a range of key preventative health information and to appeal to various audience groups. The health topics aim to create discussion and encourage sharing amongst the Deaf community.

We look forward to hearing your thoughts about the NZSL resources and the updated site. It’s important that we keep pace with changing needs and your feedback helps to inform any future developments. Please email your comments to us at