E te whānau awhi Mai/My baby is Māori and will be smokefree

E te whānau awhi Mai/My baby is Māori and will be smokefree

HE Code: 
Pamphlet DLE
Publication date: 
13 January 2010
Revision date: 
1 September 2012
Status: Hard copies currently out of stock.
Warning for pregnant women of the effects of smoking (including miscarriage) on the unborn baby – and the benefits to baby (including helping preventing cot death) of living in a smokefree home.

Smoking can cause a miscarriage or stop me from growing and make me smaller and weaker.

Keeping me smokefree helps prevent cot death (SUDI) and stops me getting sick with coughs, asthma and ear problems.

Smoking can let harmful chemicals get into my blood.

Smoking can cause breathing problems for me.

Māma – when you are pregnant and smoke (or breathe in other people’s smoke) the smoke passes through the whenua (placenta) which feeds me.

Mehemea e pai ana te whenua e pai hoki ngā hua
If the land is well, the fruit will be good too

If the placenta is smokefree, your baby has a better start. Not smoking means a healthier baby.

For advice and support talk to your health professional, call the Quitline on 0800 778 778 or visit www.quit.org.nz