Healthy Family Food

Healthy Family Food

HE Code: 
Pamphlet DLE
Publication date: 
1 July 2004
Revision date: 
July 2016
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Healthy food choices illustrated, with short captions in English. Includes dietary variety, healthy snacks, drinks and school lunches, healthy eating and keeping physically active.

Healthy food


Eat a variety of foods each day …

  • lots of colourful vegetables and fruit

  • some grain foods, mostly wholegrain or starchy vegetables, eg, potatoes, kumara

  • some low- and reduced-fat milk and milk products

  • a serving of legumes (eg lentils, chickpeas, dried beans), nuts and seeds,  or a small serving of egg, fish, seafood, chicken or red meat (eg lamb).

Healthy snacks

Offer children healthy snacks between meals

These food and drinks make healthy snacks.


These foods contain lots of fat, sugar and salt. Avoid them – or eat only occasionally.

Healthy drinks

Milk or water is the best drink for children.

Healthy drinks.

These drinks contain lots of sugar. Try to avoid them.

Healthy school lunches

Use a variety of breads. Wholegrain breads are best.

Try new fillings.

Include fruit and vegetables every day!

Healthy eating and keeping active

Be active every day.

Healthy eating and regular physical activity help to keep you a healthy weight...

...and protect your family from diabetes, heart disease and other illnesses.