Healthy Kids: My goal chart

Healthy Kids: My goal chart

HE Code: 
A4 pad of 20 leaflets
Publication date: 
March 2018
Revision date: 
November 2022
Status: PDF available to download.
This A4 pad was created to support health professionals to initiate conversations with families of children undergoing their B4 School Check.

August 2022: this resource is not available as a physical resource. Please download the pdf to print. Some health professionals supply stickers or suggest that children and their parent/s or guardian/s draw on the chart.


Using your child's goal chart (information for parents and caregivers)

This goal chart will help you and your child create healthy goals and work towards achieving them.

To help your child achieve and maintain a healthy weight choose goals that focus on three important areas: eating, moving and sleeping. Here are some ideas to help you.


For a child to develop and grow they need to eat healthy foods. A goal could be to:

  • eat breakfast every day
  • eat two different kinds of fruit every day
  • drink water or milk every day.


Being active has many health benefits and can be fun for the whole family/whānau. A goal could be to:

  • play outside every day
  • limit screen time to less than one hour a day.


Sleep helps your child to restore their energy and is important for their growth and development. A goal could be to:

  • go to bed at the same time each evening
  • read a story before bed each night. 

For great ideas on goals and tips go to:

Helping parents set goals (information for health professionals)

This goal chart will help parents and their children create healthy goals and work towards achieving them.

If the family isn’t familiar with using sticker charts, let them know to:

  • talk with their child about what goals they would like to try
  • encourage them to agree together how long they want to focus on each goal
  • acknowledge their child’s achievements with a sticker each day they succeed
  • reward their child for achieving their goals.

It’s important to talk to parents about how healthy eating, being active, and sleeping well all affect a child’s health and well-being. 

Use this chart to help parents and their children (aged under five years) choose one or more goals to work on.

Encourage parents to talk with their child and together set a goal for a behaviour they can accomplish every day. Include the whole family in making a healthy change. Encourage the family to think about how they’ll achieve their goal.

Examples include:

  • eat more fruit or vegetables
  • eat whole grain bread instead of white
  • play outside every day
  • follow a bedtime routine each night – such as, bath or shower, brush teeth, story, bed, lights out.

For more ideas to help parents set goals and rewards, go to