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Finding the information you need
How to order
How to register
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Finding the information you need

  1. Search for information or resources using either the ‘Resource search’ or ‘Health topics’ menu on the home page, and in the left hand navigation of most other pages.
  2. If you know the HealthEd code or resource title, enter it in the search box. If the item you want appears in the popup box, click on it to go directly to that resource.
  3. The ‘Resource search’ box filtering options are: health topics, languages and formats. You will also find additional filtering options for each particular search or resource result.
  4. After entering a code, keyword(s) or filter option, if your item is not shown in the popup menu, click the blue ‘Search’ button at the bottom of the ‘Resource search’ box.
  5. View search results either as a ‘Picture view’ or ‘List view’ by using the buttons towards the top right of your search results.
  6. Most resources can be viewed online or you can download a printable PDF.
  7. For additional searches once within a Health topic or Resource page, use the ‘Resource search’ options or ‘Health topics’ menu in the left hand navigation.

How to order resources

  1. If you already know which resources you want to order, you can go straight to the ‘Quick pick’ order builder under ‘My cart’ and directly enter your list of resources.
  2. Once you’ve found the resource you want, if you need hard copies, order these for free of charge by clicking the 'Add to my order' button. (Please note that some resource may be online only).
  3. Please only order the number and quantities of resources you need, to ensure they can remain available at no charge.

Changing your order

  1. To check or change your order at any stage, click on ‘My cart’ in the top navigation.
  2. Enter the number of resources you need and click the ‘Update’ button. (Note that some resources may have limits or guidelines for the order quantities)
  3. Remove any items no longer wanted using the ‘Remove item’ button and click the ‘Update’ button to apply your changes.
  4. Use the ‘Cancel this order’ button to delete your entire order. Logging off before confirming or submitting your order will also cancel it.

Completing your order

  1. To complete your order, go the checkout and provide your contact and delivery information.
  2. If your email address is correctly entered, you will also get an email confirming and summarising your order. (We ask you to enter your email address twice, to make sure it’s correct).
  3. Select the region you live in from the pull-down list to direct your order to the nearest Authorised Provider, at your District Health Board.
  4. Confirm and submit your order before you log off, as details are not saved for any future sessions (unless you use standing orders, by registering to the site).

Your contact details

  1. Correctly filling in your email and delivery information helps us complete your order successfully.
  2. Please note that resources can only be sent to New Zealand addresses. Visitors from outside New Zealand can view the resources online or download the PDF files.
  3. Providing your email or contact phone details is important so Authorised Providers can contact you (when necessary) about your order.

How to register

  1. Registering to the site allows you to login to see previous orders and to use these as standing orders, to save time. However, you may view and order resources without registering.
  2. Registration is easy. We just need your email address and to know whether you work in the health sector or are a member of the public.
  3. An email with a link to confirm registration and select a password will be sent to the address you provide. (We ask you to enter your email twice, to make sure it’s correct).
  4. If you don’t receive the confirmation email, check your SPAM folder and ensure your settings allow emails from
  5. After confirming your registration, you can login using your email address and password.
  6. If you forget your password, use the forgotten password option to send a one-time-use link to your email, so that you can set a new password.

Need more help?

If you need to ask about any aspect of your order, contact the Authorised Provider for the region you live in. Their details can be found on the Contact us page.
If you need any more help using the site, contact HealthEd.